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Moments with David M Brear

2 min read, by Claire Barrance

This episode of Moments, we meet David M Brear, Founder and CEO of 11:FS, a challenger consultancy that builds and launches next generation digital propositions for the biggest banks in the world. Their services include building new digital banks and banking products, and delivering benchmarking, research, and consultancy for global banks, insurers, governments and startups.

Before 11:FS David was most recently the Global Director of Digital Banking at Gartner, and held other senior roles at Infosys, Lloyds Banking Group, Aviva and Foolproof before this.

"People who respond the quickest to change that happens within the market are the most effective".

Luke and David explore what we actually mean by transformation and which key threads of transformation are most important right now, using financial services as an example.

As the world moves quickly, to have a sustainable, competitive advantage, organisations need to have the capability to continuously change.

"It is not what you do, it is they way that you do it"

David explains how culture plays such a significant role in the employee experience and how it can effect organisation's consumers. Forward thinking companies like Monzo are successful in their transformation as they have highly trained teams that come together and are empowered to move things forward - culture unleashes their potential.

We round up the podcast with David talking through what he considers to be the most important areas of transformation and why.
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David also hosts his own bi-weekly podcast, FinTech Insider, about all things FinTech and financial services, which you can check out here.