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Moments with Adam Kingl

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This episode we share a moment with Adam Kingl, a future of work author, speaker and educator, to chat around the topic of his recent book “Next Generation Leadership.” This is based on 10 years of research of ‘millennials’ and their expectations for work.

“What are Gen Y looking for more than anything else? Development opportunities, organisational culture/purpose and worklife balance”

‍Luke and Adam discuss employee loyalty and what it means for delivering employee experiences. They ask what leaders can do to increase the employee experience when younger workers have a greater affinity to their immediate team than their organisation, and find that the power of relationships is incredibly important.

‍”Remote working is a lot more possible than many of us assumed…by necessity we’re developing the habits, the technologies and the comfort with doing so”.

‍Gen Y speak about work/life balances as one of the top factors they are looking for in an employer. Adam discusses how this is more focused on where they work rather than less hours.

‍As we have recently all been forced to adopt remote working due to COVID-19, this may have an impact on the future of work and move away from the expectation of presenteeism.

‍Adam also explores how future leaders will be more focused on purpose and outputs than forecasts and profits.‍

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