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Moments at work with Maggie Alphonsi

Mo Moments
December 5, 2019
2 min read

Yesterday was a big day for us here at Mo. Up in the beautiful surroundings of The Gherkin, we welcomed our community to the second event in our “Moments at work” series. The lovely Maggie Alphonsi MBE, England Rugby World Cup Winner, commentator, columnist and speaker gave the packed out room a truly inspiring talk on her career, her successes and failures and how they have all contributed to the journey that she continues to be on today.

Here are some key takeaways from the morning.

‘What is your why?’

Having a purpose is so important. Maggie shared a great story from the women’s England rugby team where each player was asked to record a two minute video explaining why they wanted to win the game. The team came together and shared their reasons. By understanding their personal motivations they opened up and allowed themselves to be vulnerable making them a higher performing team and with a strong winning attitude.

‘Be comfortable with being uncomfortable’

Maggie was the first female and female of colour to ever be asked to be a pundit in any male sport. An absolutely incredible achievement but completely away from her comfort zone of the rugby pitch. She learnt to focus on her strengths rather than what she couldn’t do and enjoy the challenge – something which I think many of us should take onboard.

‘Get to really know your team’

Emotional connection takes time and hard work to build but really is a key ingredient to a high performing team. By understanding each other on a more personal level and celebrating each other’s success, there is positive reinforcement and real sense of community in the workplace – basically making everything better.

‘Failure allows you to be successful’

Let’s be honest, no-one enjoys failing. But on the flipside, it can change your mindset and allow you to be successful in the future. Maggie has celebrated many successes in her career which are all priceless moments to her personally, but to get to that point failure has played a key role.

‘Make sure you are mentally fit’

Maggie is currently part of a great mental health campaign in association with ITV, Britain get talking. Building a high performing team is great but it is also important to look after yourself, however that looks for you. The morning was such a great way to start the day on a massive high; from the clear weather, panoramic view, audience participation and the inspirational talk itself we loved it.

We cannot wait for all the events in 2020 and to see you all more regularly. As always any thoughts, feedback or ideas do share, we love hearing from you.

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