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Moments at work with Adam Kay

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Mo Moments

Last night we made the first step in bringing together a collective of people motivated to change the world of work for the better. The Mo Community was launched over drinks, canapés, fantastic views of London and a look into the life of an employee of the NHS – the moments at work with Adam Kay.

‘If you are not in a good place, you cannot do your best work.’

Reflecting on his hectic life as a junior doctor, Adam gave an honest account of the demanding work culture that he was part of for so long; being undervalued but over worked, giving us a reminder that employee engagement is vital no matter what your career choice. There is a real importance not only for work/life balance, and the wellbeing side of things but also to be there to support colleagues and employees when things are tough.

‍Adam shared with us that as a doctor you are rarely treated as a human and the many successes of the role are never celebrated but the negative parts have lasting effects.

The evening was a fantastic way to launch The Mo Community and we are all super excited for all the upcoming plans we have for you all. To keep in the know with our events, podcast and other content make sure you are signed up to our community list.

Our next event in this series will be over breakfast at The Gherkin with Maggie Alphonsi, former English rugby union player, commentator and media professional on Wednesday 20 November. She will give her perspective as an employee and will touch upon the importance of relationships at work and how building and maintaining a supportive team at work as well as her challenges of being heard in a male dominated industry.

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