Huggg Gift Options

Mo Partners with Huggg to Elevate Employee Gifting

Harriet Stevenson
Harriet Stevenson
August 23, 2022
3 min read

Mo has recently partnered with Huggg, giving our customers the ability to send employees a wide variety of delivered gifts, which can be seamlessly integrated into their gifting options. 

Research from McKinsey shows that the majority of people who quit their jobs put the reason down to lack of belonging and recognition. Mo’s goal is to change this by helping companies build appreciation into their cultures, boosting team collaboration and morale, lowering employee turnover and supporting culture change.

Mo’s partnership with Huggg means employers can now send their team members more meaningful and thoughtful gifts of appreciation for their work, whether they want to spend £5 or £50. Employers will now be able to give rewards their employees will remember – from a Gregg’s sausage roll or a Caffè Nero coffee to a luxury hamper.

These gifting options are in addition to Mo’s existing wide range of vouchers for retailers such as Deliveroo, Airbnb, Amazon, Door Dash, Starbucks, Nike, and many more.

What is Huggg?

Huggg is a gifting platform that allows employers to send a wide range of thoughtful gifts, both physical and virtual, to elevate moments of celebration, recognition or appreciation. Our partnership means you can send Huggg gifts from within the Mo app. Huggg offers a large library of reward types, ranging from £2.50 to £85.

Some of Huggg’s most popular options are the  ‘gifts with choice’ where you can select the value of the gift, and the recipient can choose from a number of curated options, such as flowers from Bloom & Wild, brownies from Barefoot Bakery, a snack box from Joe & Seph’s, a book, or even a charity donation. 

Huggg Gift Options
Examples of Huggg’s gift options

Our partnership with Huggg gives you more power to shape an outstanding employee experience, where everyone feels valued. Huggg’s data shows that many employees can feel more appreciated when receiving a thoughtful gift based on their likes and interests than a purely monetary reward. It might even end up cheaper too.

How can we use these gifts?

💐  Personal events (new baby, engagement, new home) – how about a bouquet from Bloom & Wild?

🎯  When your employees are smashing their goals – let high performers know you appreciate them by sending them something you know they like. Pasta lover? Send them a kit from Pasta Evangelists. Into movie nights? A box of luxury popcorn would go down a treat.

💔  When someone’s having a tough time – if someone is going through something personally, some flowers or a box of brownies could brighten their day and let them know you’re thinking of them. 

🎂  Birthdays – instead of that £10 you might send someone on their birthday, why not send them a box of chocolates instead?

🏆  Company milestones or achievements – When you want to celebrate company wins or milestones, what about sending a sweet box case of beers or a bottle of prosecco?

🎄 Christmas – instead of having to order lots of individual gifts manually, just send everyone a mini hamper via Mo. 

💜  Awareness weeks (eg. employee appreciation week and mental health awareness week) – why not send your employees their own house plant, candles, veg box, or tea selection?

🥰  Just because – you don’t always need a reason to make someone feel appreciated. An out-of-the-blue gift just because can be incredibly meaningful. When it’s bloomin’ roasting outside, why not send everyone a box of gelato? Or when it’s freezing, maybe a Gregg’s sausage roll?

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