Lily on onboarding Insights

Lily on onboarding

3 min read, by Lily Coleman

Welcome back to part three of this four-part series (missed part two?), where Lily, our new People and Culture Specialist here at Mo shares some insight into our onboarding process; how we're applying our thinking to new employees; and tips you can adopt to make the integration for new starters more smoother on their first day.

Without further ado, here's Lily for part three.

If you read my previous blog about hiring, you can imagine that we're welcoming a lot of new starters here at Mo. Along with the recruitment process, I have been working with the different teams to perfect our new starter ‘onboarding’ process (we don’t really like that word, we prefer "welcoming" but I’ll use it for the purpose of this blog).

Like a lot of other organisations, we follow the 30-60-90 day learning plan. The actions that new employees take in their first few months of their role will largely determine just how successful they are at Mo. In order to support new employees, an organisation should provide new joiners with the means to do the best they can and for us, this starts with "the onboarding process".

The key to building a solid onboarding process begins with getting the fundamentals right.

First, we nailed the basics. Does the new joiner have all the essentials, including a laptop, notepad, pen? There is nothing worse than arriving at a new job where no one’s ordered you a laptop or set up your email account. We also create a checklist of tools to login to (as we’ve already created their accounts) and note down key information (“what’s the wifi password?”). Basic, but essentials that are surprisingly hard to nail.  

We also arrange introductory sessions with our founders and the heads of departments (marketing, sales, product, tech and customer success). Whilst this is a good way to meet the team, it also provides new joiners with essential knowledge on the company’s processes, business objectives and KPIs, which (we hope) will shape their strategy and actions moving forward.

Creating moments on your first day

Finally, with all new joiners, but particularly our more junior members of staff, we set up crash courses with their managers and team members on relevant team topics. This might be an introduction to our customers, our tech stack or marketing channels. These sessions make sure that new joiners aren’t hopelessly lost and confused,  and provides them with the ability to jump into work straight away.

And, as we’re Mo, we’ve worked to add in a few small but special moments because those small moments are the ones that everyone will remember. A team lunch on the first day, a GIF of waving Mo employees in the ‘First Day with Us’ email and a personalised gift waiting on your desk. 

If you’d like to experience our onboarding process, check out our available roles here!