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HBX Group Launches New Recognition Strategy with Mo

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Alice Florence Orr
May 22, 2024
4 min read

HBX Group is expanding its recognition strategy and has partnered with the award-winning employee recognition software Mo. As a leader in travel technology, their cloud-based platforms provide a unique mix of technology and data, supported by passionate employees who embody a robust company culture across various global teams. As a business centred around people and driven by innovation, the employee experience is a crucial metric.

HBX Group regularly checks and invests in improving its employee experience. As part of this commitment, the company has recently conducted an employee engagement survey. Recognition is an area where they wanted to focus more and have a solution that would surprise their employees. That’s why their Talent and Engagement Director, Shona Cronly, connected with Mo.

One solution for complex problems

Every business has a unique set of recognition needs. For HBX Group, a recent engagement survey highlighted some opportunities in their otherwise strong company culture, so they decided to proactively seek a solution that would target their specific requirements.

When asked to describe recognition in HBX Group, Shona was clear that they have a strong culture that embraces recognition.

“What we needed was a way to harness our culture and use it strategically to bring out the best in our employees – our greatest asset. We will continue to drive the success of the organisation … after all, we know that recognition is a key driver for performance.”

The focus areas identified in the survey were:

  1. Employees wanted to have an opportunity to be recognised for the delivery of priorities at the moment
  2. There was a need for equality of opportunity to be recognised
  3. Rewards needed to be tailored to the employee, Globally relevant and provide flexibility
  4. Visibility of the spend on recognition across the organisation
  5. Provide a dynamic and engaging way of recognising employees that creates both visibility and a buzz across the organisation
  6. A need for an efficient and easy process for leaders when it comes to recognition.

On top of the above, a key requirement for Shona and the team was having the ability to get visibility of data on the levels of recognition that are being applied across the organisation. They wanted to ensure consistency in approach, enrich the HR team data and support the decisions on further recognition activities.

After researching numerous options, the decision was taken to partner with Mo. Not only does Mo’s employee recognition software achieve all of the unique objectives, it is also customisable. “It was important that we could bring existing elements into the platform, but then also introduce new ones as well.” Luckily, Mo gives HR teams the power to achieve a bespoke experience.

Recognition is essential to HBX Group’s positive culture

“Recognition is the way that a lot of companies are going. They’re increasingly offering competitive packages.” Like many companies, it was important for HBX Group to stand out for the right reasons in a competitive market.

Retaining employees is a cost-effective way to boost productivity and maintain strong team connection. Using Mo will be another way that the organisation can keep employees motivated and create a sense of belonging across different cultures.

“We are trying to give everyone that same opportunity to feel valued regardless of where they’re located or who their manager is or their business function.”

Mo is supporting HBX Group with bespoke recognition software
Mo is supporting HBX Group with bespoke recognition software

Choosing Mo as their software solution

When looking for a recognition solution, Shona and the team compared several providers. Financial considerations were important. After all, a successful strategy is always cost-effective.

Mo offered software that was competitively priced, offered flexibility through its configurability, and covered multiple countries and languages — making Mo’s software a great choice for a Global organisation like HBX Group.

Our journey to launch

Implementing Mo has been a collaborative process between the HBX team (including HR, Communications, Technology, Workday and many more) and Mo’s Customer Success team. To ensure the best possible outcome, it’s important to get implementation right and the HBX Team have embraced the system.

Leading up to launch there has been a focus on pro-actively engaging the leadership teams and the business on the benefits that Mo will bring, including, a boost in productivity and performance, greater engagement, and a further step towards the culture that the organisation is keen to continue to evolve. The reaction has been very positive so far, and there is genuine excitement for where this partnership can go.

Mo is an employee recognition and engagement platform that can help leaders improve collaboration and morale, reduce employee churn and drive change.

Our platform creates a vibrant culture by developing team habits, encouraging people to celebrate success, recognise results and appreciate colleagues. Your complete toolkit for connecting and motivating teams in the new world of work. Book a demo with our team today.

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