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Getting to Mo Baz

5 min read, by Lily Coleman

Welcome to our first blog in our new ‘Getting to Mo You’ series!

We’ll be talking to different members of the Mo team to find out what they do, what their day looks like and how they are doing whilst working at home.

First up is Claire (otherwise known as Baz at Mo), our Community Lead, who many of you may have already met.

Claire’s role includes running and managing the Mo community, which is for HR professionals and anyone who is looking to change the world of work for the better. Primarily, Claire focuses on organising and holding great events that bring the community together and has organised a breakfast with Maggie Alphonsi at the Gherkin, a fire-side chat with Euan Blair at Soho Hotel and a wellbeing dinner held at Shoreditch Treehouse. If this isn’t enough to keep her busy, Claire also manages our Moments Podcast series, blog, newsletter and our community Slack channel.

Over the past few weeks, the events world has been put on hold and Claire’s role has shifted. In order to keep the Mo community together, she has focused on content management and has set herself the goal of releasing one new piece a day. This includes writing blogs herself, managing a team of Mo employee’s (like me!) who are also writing and gathering opinion pieces from guest writers like Katie Jacobs at the CIPD. She has continued to manage the Moments podcast series – we have recently released a Moment with Claire Pittaway, from Sky Betting and Gaming.

As well as adapting to a different role, Claire has also been working remotely. Let’s take a closer look at what her day looks like.

How do you begin your day?

“I start work around 8:30am. It is really nice to be able to do the short walk to my desk rather than the long, overly snug commute on the Northern Line!

When we started working remotely, I didn’t have a dedicated work area so I invested in a desk, which took me around 12 hours to build! It was definitely hard, but worth it in the end!

The first thing I do is catch up on my emails, Slack messages and LinkedIn mailbox. I like to do this in the morning as I am in touch with different HR and business folks that we are working with, either for the podcast or on guest blogs and, back in the day, events!”

How are you staying connected with the Growth team and Mo?

“I am definitely someone that likes to be around others, and I miss the noise of the office! I also really miss the random chats and laughs we used to have over the desks.

We have a Growth team stand-up at 9am every day, where we go through what everyone is working on and if anyone needs support. We also ask how everyone is feeling and what they’re having for breakfast! In the week we have a Content Session where we come up with new, fun ideas for different blogs. Obviously, all the meetings are video calls, whereas before we’d usually just talk at our desks.

I stay in touch with Maks, our Marketing Manager, the most as he produces all the amazing creatives for our social pages and he also makes the web pages and newsletters. He’s doing a great job at keeping up with the demand for new images every day now we’re releasing a lot more content! He probably groans when he sees me pop up on Slack!

I talk to the other Mo teams and my colleagues on Slack a lot. We’ve created a channel just for the girls at Mo, where we talk about different books, TV shows, like Normal People, and cocktail recipes!

From a Mo point of view, we have a Monday afternoon kick of meeting where we hear any company updates and I also join (or run!) the Friday virtual socials we’ve started to have, where we have a quiz or a game with a drink in hand!”

What do you do during your breaks at work?

“I recently invested in the Fiit app and have got obsessed with the yoga classes on there, so I like to give that a go during my lunch break. I’ve found that this gives me a bit of zen and I can try and get abs like slabs! I also try and get outside if I can for a bit of fresh air and have started cooking a bit more – my latest achievement is egg-muffins that you see all over Buzzfeed!”

Claire also sometimes takes part in the Mo run club, when she feels like it! This usually happens in the morning and a group of people speak together whilst they are doing their respective running routes!

How do you like to end your day?

"I usually finish around 6pm and I try and get out for a walk around the common as it helps me to move into more personal time. I am still guilty of checking Slack in the evening in case I need to follow up on anything before the next day.

In the evenings I have been watching all the shows! I liked Tiger King and Normal People. Me and my friends have also been organising virtual wine tasting sessions and we try and learn about wine and become connoisseurs, rather than just drinking Oyster Bay!

I do own a guitar, which has a lot of dust on it now, so I’m trying to find the motivation to finally learn it."

Look out for our next blog post in the Getting to Mo You series next week! If you'd like to talk to Claire about events, community or Mo, get in touch with her here!
If you are interested in joining the conversation on our Slack channel please do join us.