Employee Engagement in HotelsCase Studies

Employee Engagement in Hotels

5 min read, by Steve Wikeley

Mo collaborated with an international multi-brand hotel chain, and their partners to help create a consistent employee experience for colleagues across both the managed and franchised estates in Europe.

Since introducing Mo, the hotels saw a 32% improvement in levels of employee engagement and a 36% improvement in how well recognised our employee’s feel.

“Employee and General Manager feedback has been exceptional and we’ve seen particular success in the UK, Portugal and Russia.” Head of HR Operations

86% of franchise employees had signed up within a week and 6000 messages were sent within the first two weeks – “we always knew that every day employees were going above and beyond but it’s amazing for me and everyone else in the company to see just how much is happening”.


Amongst the 100+ hotels in Europe, many of the challenges were consistent:

1. Boost employee engagement to improve business performance and guest experience

2. Reduce manual, time intensive processes

3. Create involvement in conversation from both head office and hotel colleagues

4. Demonstrate innovation, create efficiency and gain insights by using technology


Our Recognition tool allows for any employee to highlight the contribution of a colleague and share this with them, the management team or the entire organisation.


Hotel and Head Office staff would show their appreciation using recognition cards, hand written and pass it to their colleague or one of the management team in person when they had time.


Over 16,000 messages have now been sent via the app and web, helping to boost the awareness of recognition with over 215,000 messages views and 22,000 reactions.

“I’ve been overwhelmed by the level of success, it’s great to see so much recognition happening across our business” Hotel Group Operations Manager

So what?

Both time and money have been saved - Mo presents all of the information required by the hotels, requiring no manual effort and the costs saved on printing pays for the service.

Reward & Nominations

Our Rewards tool is a simple way to give digital rewards that are directly linked to behaviour. This can be used in combination with our Nominations tool, for example, allowing for employees to vote for employee of the month.


Hotel and Head Office staff would meet monthly and discuss between them who should receive monthly rewards.


Managers read through recognition messages of their team, and can issue instant rewards within their set budget. Not only does this help managers surface good behaviours but the rewards are directly linked to the actions. In addition to this, head office sends out a monthly survey asking employees to vote for their colleague of the month.

So what?

Time and money have been saved. Reward is more closely linked to behaviour and more democratic. Managers are enabled to reward their team directly, building stronger relationships. All the data is collected in our analytics tool so head office can understand how spend is distributed between hotels, job roles, pay grade, gender etc.

Ideas & Challenges

Our Ideas tool allows for any employee to propose organisational improvements, share it with their colleagues and have them vote on it to gather opinion rapidly – the topics employees are encouraged to focus on are aligned the KPIs of the hotels. Finally, allocated decision makers can then decide the outcome and communicate this to all employees via the app.


Employees had no clear process to submit their improvements, the hotels had tried physical suggestion boxes but had limited engagement.


Using Ideas, the hotels have received a tonne of great ideas, impacting guest experience, delivering cost savings and creating way to improve the workplace.

So what?

Within the first three months 31 ideas and process improvements were put forward gaining 430 votes, 19 of these were then accepted and implemented. It’s still early to judge but they believe the combined effect of these new initiatives could lead to a substantial increase in cost savings and profitability, creating an estimated return on investment of ~500%. Additionally, responses in our employee engagement survey asking employees if they felt like their voice was being heard went up by 34%.

“Mo Ideas is a game-changer, helping to surface great ideas from the frontline, gathering opinion and an understanding of impact quickly and delivering clear ROI.” Head of HR Operations

Anecdotally colleagues are so excited to have the opportunity to be involved in decisions by sharing their opinion along with a clear channel to feedback to the organisation all year round.


Our Analytics tool collates the data gathered from all of our tools, and presents it meaningful ways. We allow customers to import the data important to them, combine it with the activities on our system and use this to generate the reports that deliver real insights into organisational culture.


The corporate values of the hotels were intangible and hard to link to behaviour, they also had no means to measure or understand engagement in a real-time basis.


The Mo data analytics engine processes all of the messages and allows for the values and behaviours to visualised in a simple chart.

So what?

Each organisation can now understand from the data; how employees are living their values every day, which behaviours are regularly demonstrated and which groups or individuals are acting in the way that supports the organisations culture.

  • 32% improvement in levels of employee engagement
  • 36% improvement in how well recognised our employee’s feel
  • 34% improvement in how well employees feel like their voice is heard
  • 86% of people using the app within 1 week
  • Combined 16,000 thank you messages sent

“I’ve been really impressed how Mo have considered the commercial and people side of the business and not just built a tool for HR, helping us to have more meaningful conversations and truly engage with our teams throughout the organisation.“ Group Operations Manager