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7 min read

A future where teams can thrive

We look a little different today. It’s all part of our evolution as a business, hell bent on helping people to thrive in their journey through work.
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8 min read

15 Thoughtful Employee Recognition Ideas

Struggling with employee recognition? Here are a few of our ideas to inspire you to help make your employees feel valued and appreciated!
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3 min read

The power of empathy

This weeks guest blog is from Emma Canter, a leadership coach and past guest on the Moments podcast.
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4 min read

What coronavirus means for the people profession

Our second in a series of guest blogs is written by Katie from the CIPD. She looks at how Covid-19 will change the people profession and how we work. We hope you enjoy
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4 min read

Why HR needs marketing’s budget

Hi I’m Luke, the CEO here at Mo.or a people tech company CEO I’ve not taken a typical route to get here. I didn’t feel a significant pain as a...
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5 min read

Creating our own values

Transitioning from ThanksBox to Mo was a big piece of work. With an outcome that I am personally really proud of. We look good right?