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Introducing Software
6 min read

How to Successfully Introduce New Software to Your Team

Picture this: You’ve spent the last six months pitching to your leadership team about why a solution is needed for a problem you’re currently facing. You got the buy-in and...
Engagement And Retention
4 min read

The Impact of Employee Engagement on Retention

Improving retention rates is one of the biggest boosts you can give your business. It saves you time and money and helps you hang on to the kind of talent...
Company Culture
5 min read

How to Describe Your Company Culture

It’s one thing to know you want a high-performing or nurturing company culture and quite another to communicate it – let alone achieve it!  Being able to pinpoint exactly what...
Failing Recognition Program
5 min read

What to Do if Your Recognition Program is Failing

Have you recently launched a recognition program and noticed it's not working as intended? Here are a few common reasons why your program could be failing!
Top Employee Recognition Software
7 min read

Top 10 Employee Recognition Software Platforms

Struggling to find the perfect employee recognition platform for your business? We are here to help, check out our top ten list!
Employee Motivation Quotes
5 min read

30 Motivational Quotes to Help Inspire Employees

A little bit of motivation goes a long way, but sometimes it’s hard to keep the fires stoked – even in high-performing teams.  Finding ways to improve motivational methods is...
Reward Hospitality Staff
4 min read

Four Great Ways to Reward Your Hospitality Staff

Hospitality workers are used to working in high-pressure environments and keeping a smile on their faces while doing it – there’s never been a better time than now to reward...
Disengaged Employees
5 min read

Seven Habits of Highly-Disengaged Employees

Working with a disengaged team can be a real challenge for a business, so we have listed the seven habits of highly disengaged employees and tips for getting things back...
Motivating Employees
5 min read

The Dos and Don’ts of Motivating Employees

Motivation. We all know how powerful it can be in encouraging growth and turning lacklustre teams into high-performing ones.
Retention Strategies
4 min read

Top Employee Retention Strategies for 2023

Retention will be at the top of every HR manager’s list when 2023 rolls around, so here are a few strategies set to make a difference. 

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