We're a little different.

We see things very differently. For years organisation have been trying to engage their people and yet things haven't been getting better. We're here to change that, with fresh thinking and a product and service that gets to the very heart of the problem.


We're built for the employee.

First and foremost, we have to design the solution for the employee. This is about them. If we focus our efforts on creating value for the individual, we in turn will achieve what we want to achieve.

We believe that the best solution is employee centred. Not top down. Only by understanding the motivations and behaviours of your people can we create the best possible experience that enables and inspires them to go all in. This runs through everything that we do. From the brand that we’ve built through to the user experience, product communications and scheme design - we get this right when your people are put front and centre.

The experience is everything.

We care passionately about the experience. From every touch point with the product and brand, we know we have to win hearts and minds.

This is very important. Our expectation of what makes a good product has drastically shifted. We now know what good looks like. Because we all use digital products every waking hour. Heck, you’re using one right now. And with this, we must appreciate the expectation that your employees will have on anything that demands their time and effort. 

Moments connect people.

The people that we work with have a huge impact on our experience of work. This is a truly a bottom up strategy, focused long term on creating exceptional shared experiences between people that enable your people to be more together.

We believe that to build strong relationships we have to understand and create meaningful moments of interaction. Moments are the life blood of any strong relationship. And through quality and frequent moments of interaction people are able to better understand one another and truly connect.