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Empower your
team to thrive

Capture your work story, connect with colleagues, and celebrate every moment that matters to you and your team, together.

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Express yourself and truly belong

Mo is a safe place to capture your identity and share what matters to you with your team and colleagues.

  • Share support for colleagues
  • Recognise others' achievements
  • Celebrate team moments
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Unlock a deeper understanding of your team

Get to know what’s really important to those you work with. Understanding what makes others tick and how you can work best with them is the key to creating meaningful working relationships.

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Mo - Unlock a deeper understanding of your team
Mo - Be seen, be heard, be valued

Celebrate the moments that matter

Celebration has a powerful impact on team morale and collaboration. It increases inclusion & connection, and shows people that you care about and appreciate them.

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Be more, together


Create a vibrant profile, including a bio, headline, birthday and work anniversary, personal links, working preferences and interests.


Search for any colleague that you work with, get to know them and discover meaningful opportunities to connect.


Highlight things you’ve been involved in that are meaningful to you. Showcase you and your experience at work to others in a beautiful way.


Keep your finger on the pulse of what's important to your team and connect with them over the occasions, achievements and celebrations that shape their experience of work.


Share and celebrate how much you value the people you work with in structured and periodic feedback campaigns. Read stories about you at your best, understand your strengths and boost visibility of you at your best.


Encourage and express appreciation and celebrate success through personal and meaningful rewards. Create a custom store filled with opportunities for people to thrive and simple ways to show you care.

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Tools for leaders

Mo helps leaders to nurture, influence, unite, and strengthen individuals by giving them better visibility of what’s important to everyone, what people are proud of, what they care about, and what motivates them.

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